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 Underground Plaza Score: ? Moves: ?

> northwest

You step out of the into a wide open area which we'll call Underground Plaza. There's dozens of locked buildings around you, an open door at the other end of the courtyard, and a colourful mosaic embedded in the ground. You can't see any of this stuff, though, because you're wearing those glasses so you don't meet the Medusataur's gaze.

The Medusataur becomes increasingly dismayed. "To think! Cleft apart at the peak of our love! Oh cruel stars!"

She notices your apparant lack of empathy for her plight. But she then says, "Oh my love, i can see that you're trying to keep a brave face, but I know that these arrows of despair doth slice thine own heart in twain as well! Oh, wooooe!"

> place fingers in ears

I don't understand the command "place".