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 End of the Maze Score: 120 Moves: 60

> wake the Medusataur the hell up

In your loudest voice, you shout into her ear, "Wakey wakey! Rise and shine, sleepy head! Time to geddup!"

Strangely, the only thing that gets woken up by this interjection is a few strands of her hair, which gaze in annoyance at you. The Medusataur is still in dreamland.

> try again

You try again, in capital letters. "UP AND AT 'EM! YOO-HOO! EARTH TO SNAKE-HEADED BULL-WOMAN!"

Then you try it again in crude Japansese, followed by l33t (the loudest language known to man), followed by imitating an alarm clock.

You even try the few words of Parseltongue that you know, but all that does is make her hair snigger at your poor command of the language.

> time to kick it up a notch

You slap her in the face, but nothing happens. You pry her eyelids open, but they flop shut again.

You attempt the vulcan nerve pinch, but she just moos softly and continues dozing.

You plug her nose and cover her mouth. You think you've finally beaten out this rabid narcoleptic, until you realise that her hair seems to be breathing for her. My, what strange physiology these Medusataurs have!

> think

Well, she's outlasted every reasonable attempt to break her slumber. Which can only mean one thing: she's had a sleeping spell cast upon her, most likely by the Wicked Witch of some cardinal direction. And, as you all know, such a spell can only be broken by...