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 Maze Score: 150 Moves: 80

With nowhere else to go, you hide behind the ladder and begin to pray to as many heavenly beings you can think of. The Grue laughs as it sees your pitiful effort to extend your life by a few seconds, and calmly comes over.

> soil pants


Only a few feet away, the Grue seems to be savoring the smell of your fear, as well as a variety of other smells coming from your pants. Oh, you're done for now. The Grue raises an arm and bats away the ladder - only, instead of the ladder being clobbered to little bits, the booby trap activates, shocking the Grue into oblivion.

> look

You're in a small, dark room. On the western wall you see a stolic-insertion slot for disarming the now-destroyed booby trap. The only exit is to the south.

You hear a wheezing sound coming from the corner.