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 What happened last night? Score: Guhh... Moves: Whazzi?

You wake up. The room is spinning around very gently over your head. Or, at least it would be if you could see it, which you can't.

> who am I

You are Sydney Connors, anchorperson for WPBH-TV9.

> where am I

You are inside a hotel in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania.

The room has stopped spinning and you regain your vision.

You are staring up at the ceiling of your hotel room. "I Got You Babe" is playing on the clock radio, which displays the time to be 6:00.

The announcers on the radio state that today is Groundhog Day.

> Get up

You are now up. You look out the window, revealing the landscape to be blanketed in snow.

What do you do?