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 Codemaster vs. shatterAngel Score: 0 Moves: 0

You: NOO!!!!! YOU'RE TOO CUTE!!!!! *grabs shatterAngel and cuddles*

shatterAngel: ~O.O~

shatterAngel has been grabbed and cuddled.

shatterAngel: ~...~

shatterAngel: ~Are you going to fight?~

You: *Cuddles* ^^

shatterAngel: ~...err.....this is awkward....~

shatterAngel is being cuddled and misses a turn.

shatterAngel: ~HEY! *enters code: TSL-MainframeZETZ//xlsmk*~

shatterAngel activates the Administration Password: Admin Teleport

shatterAngel teleports and escapes from being cuddled.

You: Aw....!! -you ish angry because u cannot cuddlez cute lil' shatterAngel-


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