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 A Really Stupid But Satisfying Win *Burp* Score: 100,000 Moves: 0

You start to cry for you can't cuddle shatterAngel.

shatterAngel: ~Hey... why are you crying just because you can't cuddle me?!

That's because you are WAAAYYY too cute Angie!

You: *cries*

shatterAngel: ~Aw... stop crying! *sigh* Fine, you can cuddle me...~

You: YAY!!!! *grabs and cuddlez*

shatterAngel: ~*is cuddled*~

You: *Eat shatterAngel*

shatterAngel: ~WHAT THE....?!?!~


You have entered the code: GruesomePoWa!!


shatterAngel: ~Hey! Why you sneaky littl...... -GULP-~ *ish eaten*

You have successfully eaten shatterAngel

shatterAngel: (Inside your stomach) ~Wow.... i can't believe i fell for that... - -"~

You: *pats belly* tasteah!!!

shatterAngel: ~I guess really should've known... oh well... i guess you win then.~



shatterAngel: ~(In your stomach)for beating me like this I'll give you this code: *battlenothungry*