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 3 on 1 battle Score: 5 Moves: 2

> attack policemen

You're suddenly pulled into some sort of Final Fantasy-ish battle screen, so at least they won't try one of those cheesy teamwork moves on you. You are likely to be eaten by the policemen (metaphorically). Oh, and it's your turn.

You: (100/100 HP) (2500/2500 MP)

Status: Bleeding

Policeman 1: (35/40 HP) (0/0MP)

Armed with Pistol

Policeman 2: (35/35 HP) (0/0MP)

Status: Stoned from Kitten Huffing

Armed with Police Baton

Policeman 3: (40/30 HP) (-5/1,000,000 MP) <--not a mistake

Armed with Poké Ball