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 Underground Plaza Score: ? Moves: ?

> northwest

You step out of the far door into what appears to be an underground courtyard. Several buildings carved out of the cave walls surround this open area - all but one of which is locked. A colourful mosaic of painted tiles covers the ground, instilling within you a realisation of how grand and opulent the Great Underground Empire would have been at the height of its power. You feel a slight tinge of regret at how time has withered its remains.

> Um, what's the Great Underground Empire?

Shush! You're breaking character. Anyway, what do you care? It's not like you read the story section of the instruction manual anyway.

> enter unlocked building

You move toward the building, but suddenly you notice another door in the other direction. A huge steel door with "Treasure Chamber" above it in gold letters. Maybe it contains one of the Twenty Treasures of Zork!

> What? This soon after getting the Gold Coffin? Come off it!

Well, you never know until you look...

You have seventeen turns left until the Curse strikes - still plenty of time to search for a cure.