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 Outside Cottage Score: 5 Moves: 7

> go deeper into forest

Fine, there IS something here.

You stumble into a sunny, colourful clearing where you see a small cottage made entirely out of confectionary. The roof is tiled with cookies, the walls are made of chocolate bricks, and the door is a giant ice cream sandwich. Maybe it's Willy Wonka's retirement home or something.

The windows are open, so you can see the curious scene playing out inside.

> yeah, like what?

Well, a female pig with golden locks of hair, snow white skin, and wearing a red riding hood, is standing in front of a bed where a wolf dressed in an old granny's nightgown (complete with pathetic bonnet) is trying to cajole the little pig into eating an (obviously poisoned) apple.

> that's a little strange

You're telling me.