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 Codemaster vs. shatterAngel Score: 0 Moves: 0

Well I hope you are ready for this fight, because its gonna be intense...

You: Oh.... YEAH!!! *punches the air*

You: uh.... anyone here?

You: Where's the narrator?

shatterAngel has joined the arena

shatterAngel: ~So are you ready?~

You: ...omg... *stares at shatterAngel*

shatterAngel: ~What?~

You: I'm fighting you????

shatterAngel: ~Isn't it what you wanted? To fight the final opponent?~

You: well... but you're a girl... that is... *measures shatterAngel* 3"9'.....

shatterAngel: ~so what if I'm loli? *Jumps back* get ready to fight... oh and I got another person to take over narration~


-> Arena Scan Activated

Codemaster (You):

100/100 HP 5000/5000 MSP


2200/2200 HP ???/??? MSP


You: Wow...

shatterAngel looks at you and urges you to go first.

What do you want to do?