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> Take the left fork

You turn to the left. As you drive down the road, it begins to get bumpier and bumpier. Buildings by the side of the road are soon replaced entirely by forest. By the time the road comes to an end, the sedan is sputtering mercilessly. Must be a cheap Yugo. It is now morning, and you feel dead tired from spending the entire night in the car. The sedan comes to a stop and refuses to go any further. Steam is bubbling from the crushed radiator where you hit that guy earlier.

> Fix Car

You get out of the car, slamming the door. Underneath the hood appears to be a lot of steam and smoke. Not to mention a ruined, blood-splattered engine. Oh well, the car's not going anywhere.

> Continue on Foot

You abandon the smoking car and set off on foot down the nearest dirt path through the forest. After a while of walking, you finally see something other than trees straight ahead.