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 assed Score: 10.100 Moves: 39⅓

You go out and see a blob of acid. Examine? (you always use that word here)
> examine blob thing

Its acid.
> all right, examine acid

You walk closer to the blob. It hides in a cove.
> go to cove

The blob went deeper. And when you get close enough, it is revealed to be a harmless, little blobikins!


Surely it is scared. Instantly, the blobikins hands you a NeoStrange banner...
> examine banner


...and the blob says:

"Here, you need this to trick that "green skinned large thing with tentacles wearing large glasses" on File 3. The large thing is dangerous, so be careful."

> how do I trick him?

"Give the banner to him. Don't make him angry, though. He'll think it leads to Neopets to the log-in page, and he'll let you pass a secret area, so good luck!! *disappears*"

The blobikins disappears in the darkness. You have the "NeoStrange" banner. If you see down, the blobikins left some Zork InvisiClues cards! Now? paths say ▲►▼◄