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 Tech Support Problems solved: 0

You tell him please please please help me win the game. He asks you for your serial number, you load the game and tell him 840726. He says to please hold on. The phone begins making strange noises again but this time does not explode. You check the screen just as the your Zork copy strangely changes.

 Win Score: ∞ Moves: ∞

> consult 12-year-old clerk in order to win game

You are in the a twelve-year-old's room, but it has long since been abandoned and actually left in an amazingly spotless condition. The place where the bed used to be has been replaced with a table with a bag of gold on it. You have won. Wait, you have won? That's impossible! The computer explodes and puts itself back together. Your computer reboots.

When the game reloads, the following text is displayed:

*** Died you have ***

To start over would you like, a saved position restore, or this session of Zork end? (RESTART, RESTORE, or QUIT type):