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 "No Data" means exactly that, dicknose. Score: No score, either. Moves: You just made your last move, fellah.

> restore-> No Data

You restore the No Data file.

*** You are dead ***

Start over, restore, or end?

> What the frotz do you mean, "dicknose"?!

That's what you get for trying to restore No Data.

But As you tried to restore the no data, the game is tricked into assuming that no data exists. Thus, all data ceases to exist. Smooth.

> What now?

Well, you're floating in limbo, pitch black limbo, and you see a green skinned large thing with tentacles wearing large glasses, signing papers. He looks at you. "&@$FURTL@#I@$?"Game:Zork/buch Game:Zork/???_4

> $%fdDFSkiJK!


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