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 *Random Jumbles* Score: 0 Moves: 0

> QW#@!#$EW#E%$$E

The thing looks at you in bewilderment and says "8uHHGFR$543?"

> RES$%$UWRS$$#^^%$*((*)

The thing stares at you menacingly and replies "THY%^$#%(@!FVDDER". It looks mad and you seem screwed.


You just cast the most powerful spell in the game. The thing backs up and says, "Dang foo, you don't have to get all up on me like that."

> You speak ebonics?

"No, I speak grue at a native level."

You realize at this point that this thing is a interdimensional form of Grue and you're screwed.

> fight Grue

You can't because, technically, this isn't a grue.

> fight thing

What "thing"?

> I dont know WTF its called!

That's your problem.

> run

As an interdemensional being, I hate to have to remind you that it's everywhere.

*** Y hv dd ***

Wld y lk t strt vr, rstr svd pstn, r nd ths sssn f Zrk? (Typ RSTRT, RSTR, r QT)