Game:Zork/Biocomplex 1stolic

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 Corridor Score: 60 Moves: 34

> check stolic

You check the stolic. KABOOM!!!! There is an explosion worthy of five exclamation marks!

The security guard and the nightmarish Grue-potplant hybrid are consumed in the massive fireball, leaving nothing but oily black smudges on the scorched ground. The turnstile in front of the main complex is, however, unchanged from the explosion. The ATM, frustratingly enough, actually looks better. For one thing, it now sports Braille plates and speech synthesizers that certainly weren't there before.

Good thing you were wearing that suit, or otherwise you'd be in a bit of a mess.

Although your ears are ringing from the sound of the blast, you can barely hear the sound of running feet down the corridor.