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 Biocenter Score: 100 Moves: 45

> raid the main area

I do not understand the term "raid".

> sigh... enter main complex

The turnstile won't move. It's controlled by the dinky podium that has an ID card slot and a coin slot in it.

> insert ID card into card slot

A red LED above the card slot lights up. It seems that Aaron A. Aaronson isn't authorised to enter this area.

> insert zorkmids into coin slot

12... 13... 14... 15! (Eww, blood.) A green LED lights up.

> enter main complex

You burst through the turnstile and proceed down a short hallway to a large round room. The room you enter seems to have no light sources, but you can still see from the light coming from inside the gate. It seems to be a sort of throne room, with an absolutely gigantic grue on the throne. There are small passages to your left and right with signs above them, but because of the lack of light shining on them you can't see them. Uh oh. The gate shut behind you and won't open... You can't see a thing.