Game:Zork/Bathroom Girl

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 Gotta go... Score: 10 Moves: -10

> Yes, I am quite female.

Ah, okay, thanks for clearing that up. You look at the toilet.


That thing is festering with fermenting pee and other green slimy substances, and that looks so bad, you wouldn't even use it if it was the last toilet in the whole forest, and you would rather pee yourself. Guess what? That is the only toilet in the forest, and you proceed to lose the ability to hold yor water. Good news: You feel relived, Bad news: You're wet, and don't have a change of clothes. Fusterated, you walk out into the lobby again and see an angry Grue. Apparently that was his bathroom...

So, you have some options here, lucky you. You can do one of the following:

  1. Jump through the closed window all chessy kung-fu movie style
  2. Get eaten by the Grue (Because we all love this option)
  3. Roundhouse kick him, Chuck Norris style.