Game:You Have Sinned/Sword 1

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Good choice. Immediately the lady jumps up and challenges you to a duel. You don't want to fight, but you must. Strike. Parry. Strike. Slash. Strike. Miss. Parry. Slash. Stab. Stab. Slash. Miss. And so goes the duel, on and on and on and on and on. It's not until you continue fighting for some time that you realize the sword is fake. It is made of plastic, or some other material... You look at the old woman. She is suddenly luminescent green, translucent, bright ciphers streaming down her body.

She disappears. The room goes dark. The sword vanishes from your hand. You wake up in a brightly-lit room, dazed, but coherent. The room looks oddly familiar. You get up, walking slowly towards the window. Outside, children are playing, dogs are running, everyone is going about their life.

It was a dream. You are alive. There was no old lady, no sword, no duel, just a dream.

So you decide to step outside. It's a sunny day, a nice warm Sunday afternoon. You look to your left and right as you cross the road. Suddenly, a car reels out at you out of nowhere! You duck, diving at the sidewalk as you scream like a little girl. The car whooshes past you. That was close.

A few moments later, your neighbor Paul comes up to greet you. You see he has been painting his house. It's a hideous yellow color, but you decide to say nothing. There is a tall, heavy ladder propped up by one of the walls. It looks unstable. You are suddenly overcome with a sense of ominous foreboding.

As Paul finishes speaking to you, you step away, glad to get out of that dangerous-looking ladder's way. Until, of course, it comes crashing down at you! You step away, though, and all is fine... As you turn around, you are stabbed by a hobo. The last thing he utters before you die is "See you in Hell, motherfucker"


Guess you oughtta be going back to Heaven, huh?

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