Game:You Have Sinned/Response Yes

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You answer that Yes, you are surprised by God's appearance. But you also say that God is still God and you wish to redeem your soul. God is happy. "I will see to that. First, though, fill out these forms."

God hands you a stack of forms about four feet high. It takes forever, because you don't know what your mother's maiden name is, and you had to call her all the way from Heaven, and God made a huge deal about it all...anyways, you filled out the forms. Turns out you knew your mother's maiden name, but thought it was her middle name or something...

Now you have redeemed your soul and have been sent to the true Heaven, where you can frolic with the rest of your deceased family members as you await the rest to join you in eternal peace. Except your uncle, he touched little children, and there's no redeeming for that.


Turns out though, you accidentally insult God in an angry letter you sent to a Samoan guy named Goda, for it was a typo and the letter was sent to the G-Man himself...he got angry afterwards and smote you, so yeah.... All that was for nothing.


>>So yeah, you wanna restart?