Game:You Have Sinned/Hall door

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You open the door at the end of the hall. "Hello", says a heavenly voice. You ask who is speaking. "It is I, God." This is it, you think, I am meeting God in Heaven. There is a white desk in front of you. You're tired, so you sit. There is a stapler, a pen, and a picture of Jesus on the desk that reads "World's Greatest Son". You look at it, but don't touch. You also notice a chair in front of you on the other side of the desk. This reminds you of The Godfather. You are a bit unnerved by this.

But then the chair turns around and you nearly gag as you see the true face of God. He is a hideous insectoid being with a face like a six-eyed hamster and claws like a bear. The wings on his back resemble less of an angel's than that of a bat. "Are you surprised by my appearance?" God asks. You almost gasp. His mouth has three jaws and is blood red and oozing with puss. He repeats: "Are you surprised by my appearance?"