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You wake up in a grassy, flat area with a few trees scattered about and a city on the horizon. Suddenly, a wizard with a great beard and wooden staff teleports in front of you! Arghhhhh!

> Mr. Grim: Good afternoon, young one! Seems you've stumbled upon the world of Veelor, home to the greatest warriors and magicians of all the land. Take your time and explore our wonderful kingdom!

> <insert name here>: What?

> Mr. Grim: You are baffled, are you not? I see. Well, your first course of action is to head to that city over there!
, Mr. Grim replies, jerking his staff towards the west. (Lol)

> Mr. Grim: Now get going, young fellow! The Sun is coming down and it would be unwise to stay here, lest you be destroyed by the venomous 'grues' which prowl the area at night. I must leave too, for I have an important business meeting to attend to on my Xbox...

With a flash of lightning, Mr. Grim dissipates into droplets of light which float into the air and disappear abruptly. It is growing cold and ominous, with the darkness slowly creeping in. The sound of a grue can be faintly heard in the distance.