Game:Wizards of Power MMORPG/staying there

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 The Consequences? Score: 100 Moves: 1

+100 Points added for bravery/stupidity

You ignore the wizard's advice and loiter about the area for some stupid reason. The light is slowly fading from the horizon, but you are still able to see a fair distance forward. You hear the sound of a gate pulling backwards with a squeak and closing with a deep, echoing 'thud'. You are now locked out. No players are present. An encounter with the grue is imminent.

But what's that? In the distance you spot a wooden, humble treasure chest perched on a nearby rock. It looks suspiciously like a trap. I mean, who would just leave a precious, valuable, possibly significant item lying around, right in the middle of the wilderness, just waiting for someone to find it? An idiot, probably. But hey, it's your choice...