Game:The City/street5

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 Apartments Score: 2 Moves: 7

You turn to the fifth street that isn't there, and walk down it. You walk abruptly into a door. On the ground are two knives and a fish.

> Pick up knives and fish

Now, the door is locked. You can't go back. You use a knife to pick the lock and bust throught the door. When inside, you see this looks like a New York apartment complex very similar to the ones in Seinfeld. The thing is, there are three doors and a vase. The vase has one key in it. A skeleton key.

> Pick up key

Now, you can only open one door. You must choose very wisely or you could be eaten by a grue. Then suddenly, the lights flicker out. You hear growling. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.