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 Door 2 Score: 13 Moves: 7

You use the skeleton key to open the second door. It dissolves after the door is unlocked. You open the door, which reveals a well lit room full of floating candles.

> is this Harry Potter?

No, it is strange. You walk through the room, and you see a weeping woman kneeling at a silver duck statue, mumbling some rubbish about code and beating grues. You slowly approach her, but she feels your peresence, whirls around, and says something in french. she runs out of the room, and closes the door. You hear a scream, and a grue munching on human flesh.

> what a chump

Hey! Imagine if you were that lady! You would be dead. Anyway, a Hall way goes right, one goes left. Both are dark.

> Inventory

You have two knives, a rainbow trout, a flashlight, and some infrared goggles. What do you wish to do?