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 Speck in the Distance Score: 23 Moves: 11

In fear of the approaching grues and in hope of finding civilization, you run in the direction of the speck. You continue to jog through the meadow, and soon you run out of breath. The grues are moving closer. You continue to run, and you come up to a fence. It is about three feet high.

> jump the fence

You continue running and stop for a break. The grues are stuck at the fence because they can't get over it.

> can't they eat it?

Oh, yeah. And that's what they do. You are in pursuit once a gain. The speck is getting clearer now, and it appears as though it is a small hut. there are two doors from you to choose from. One is marked with and etching of a grue, and the other a circle with a line through it with a grue inside the circle. A ladder leans on the side of the hut.

> Inventory

You have two dollars, your mind, and three grues following you. What do you wish to do?