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> What can I get for $10?

"Well", he says, "there's this one worn-out slipper, and, uh... this random key I found."

> That's all?

"Yes" the Shopkeeper says.

You can faintly make out the words "PayPal Office" on the key, which is made of copper, or some other cheap metal. Hmm... would this be the key to Paypal's office, by any chance?

Looking at the frayed slipper, you see that it's a hot pink (Although it's so faded that it almost looks like white) color, and is obviously not your size. It's useless, and almost worthless, yet, it has a strange essence that makes you want to buy it. A sexy essence.

You stare at them both until the Shopkeeper grows impatient and asks you to buy something or get out.