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 Scrooged Score: 32 Moves: 11

> Bah, humbug

You greedily leave the store. Then, for no apparent reason, you fall into a trance. When you wake up, you see the ghost of Marley, the hobo you refused to give a single cent to. He tells you that he was crushed by a falling piano on his way out, and that you will be haunted by 3 ghosts, in addition to himself.

The first ghost is the Ghost of Christmas Past. He-

> Wait, today's Christmas?

Yes. It sure is, indeed. If you hadn't interrupted me, I could've told you that it was a Grue and you have a chance to escape. However, since you wasted your time interrupting me, you are eaten by the Grue.

*** You're Scrooged ***

Would you like to Quit, or Register Zork?