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The 20th Century brought many horrors onto the world including two world wars, accountants, Hitler, and the Cheeky Girls. Because people got used to these horrors they wanted more violent and adrenline pumping pastimes. Therefore the need for extreme games emerged. The most popular of the extreme games are Extreme Hide and Seek, Extreme Ironing, Extreme Jenga and Extreme Tiddley-Winks.
Extreme Tiddley-Winks is based around the usual Tiddley-Winks game where the objective is to flip a normal of circular discs into a cup type structure.

What is required for the game[edit]

The Rules[edit]

Extreme Tiddley-Winks is the most extreme of the extreme games. The rules are quite simple. The game lasts three rounds and the winner is the person who is still alive at the end.

Round 1[edit]

Careful Now

This is the Mine Field round which starts off with 4 players. In this round players are no longer trying to flip little plastic discs into a cup but have live mines instead. The aim of this round is to flip all six of your bombs into a bucket without them exploding. Round one finishes when the first three contestants get their six bombs successfully into the bucket or alternatively by a death of a player. Either way the remaining three contestants go through to the second round.

Round 2[edit]

This is the Firing Squad round. Round two reverts back to the traditional Tiddleywinks rules and equipment with three players attempting to flip six plastic discs into the cup. The only difference is that there is a five man Firing Squad situated at 50 yards from the field of play. Round two ends when the first two contestants get their six discs successfully into the cup or alternatively when one player is shot. The remaining two contestants go through to the Final round.

Round 3[edit]

The Final begins

This is the Volcano round where the two final players attempt to flip discs into a live Volcano that is on the verge of erupting. Round three ends with the first person to get their six discs successfully into the Volcano or alternatively when one player swept away and melted by lava.


Extreme Tiddleywinks was seen in the James Bond movie The Man with the Annoying Brain.

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