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The Beginning: I[edit]

In the beginning there was nothing... The great lands of Paper were long, bare stretches of white and blue lines... The sky was and endless expanse of white. In his infinite wisdom the great God Pencil set forth a single and straight being, a mirror of his own form. He christened this being as an “I”, and it was good!

Over many thousands of years that single I spread across the lands and multiplied. As the I’s prospered and grew they congregated in small villages full of many I’s and little i’s. But alas, one fateful day appeared an I child unlike any other. Even while very young he was the equal height of the adults of the village, and as he grew other strange changes began to take place. While this child appeared to be an I he was in fact not, for it fact he was an L. When he reached his day of adulthood he had grown a tail unlike anything the I's had seen before... Cursing the L as a monster they threw him out of their village turning their back on him forever!

The Lost L's[edit]

But fate had other plans for the L... Rather than letting the poor L die out as I’s had hoped, the L flourished and eventually became a full race of their own. Nomadic by nature the L’s travelled far and wide across many varied landscapes. Eventually a small group of L’s tired of their nomadic ways settled in a great forest to live out their lives. Due to the strange forest landscape where they settled it became easier for the L's to swing through the trees by their legs rather than walk on the ground like their cousins. Living for so many years in the trees, the L’s slowly adapted to their environment eventually growing an entire extra limb... From that point on they were no longer L’s but were known as the F's

The Great F's of the Forrest[edit]

The F’s enjoyed many long generations of peace in their forest homes, but alas for the poor F's their forest dwelling could not last forever. As the other races prospered, industrialisation slowly ate away at their forests until one sad day no more great forests remained. Once again the F’s were forced back to the ground they had left so many eons ago. Life was tough of the F’s with almost all of the F’s being wiped out in a short span of years.

Modern E[edit]

Despite the almost total obilteration of their race, the few who did survive managed to readapt to life on the ground, once again growing feet to walk on. Stepping out of the ruins of their former home, the remaining population spread far and wide across the globe, becoming the most populus of all the races on the lands of Paper: The great E's.

Evolutionary Tree[edit]

This is the direct evolutionary path of E:

I => L => F => E

Or, for the letter I and all it's descendants:

         / \ \       |
        L  T J       Π
        |  |  \      |\
        F  Y   ſ     N   
      / |  | \       |   
   __B  E  U V___    M  
  / /|\     \ /\ \
 ☃ P D H     W X ∀
   | |            |
   R O__          A
     |  |         |
     Q  C_____    Ѧ
       /|  |  |
      Ç G  K  S

So you can see that I has played a vital part in our language. It has given us all of the letters of the alphabet. I originally came from the Leet god Aii-Powerfuii Expitelve, so letters are Gods, and you shall worship them or else!

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