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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Evil Bert?
Mugshot of Evil Elvis

“That fucker is EVIL!!!!”

~ Captain Obvious on Evil Elvis

Evil Elvis is an evil version of famous American rapper Elvis Presley.


The Evil Elvis was from an alternative universe created by the Flying Spaghetti Monster which was an exact double of this universe, except the morality of every individual had been reversed. Evil Elvis had been imprisioned in this universe by a device created by the Good Illuminati Adolf Hitler Clone Society as a punishment for creating a weapon that amplified the sound of any form of music to the point that it would kill anyone who listened to it.

Shaking hands with the president of "Weapons of Mass Destruction" record label

Upon hiss arrival into this universe, Evil Elvis used his resemblance to the real Elvis to commit multiple acts of fraud by selling bogus merchandise to gullible Elvis fans before hearing of a concert Elvis was planning on hosting in his hometown. Quickly he began to scheme to infiltrate the concert, disguised as the monkey bum and plug his amplification weapon into the stage's sound system, so that when Elvis played, his entire audience would be killed. Fortunately, he was too late, and by the time he had plagged in his weapon Elvis had already begun playing, and as a result his audience was already deaf.

Evil Elvis continued to follow Good Elvis as he toured, and successfully used his amplification weapon on at lest three concerts. However, no one seemed to mind all that much. IN a final bid to commit a crime that would be noteworthy, Evil Elvis attacked Good Elvis in a concert. Unfortunately, he had failed to take into account that Elvis was trained in Sawn-Ique, the art of using loud noise to disable an attacker. Good Elvis proceeded to strum his guitar once, and left Evil Elvis (and his entire audience) in agonising pain.

At his trial, it had appeared that Evil Elvis was going to be acquitted. Unfortunately, he suddenly made the decision to kill the prosecutor, thinking that wihtout him the prosecution would fail. Instead, this only made the jury request to have him declared guilty on the spot. When the Judge granted this, Evil Elvis went on a killing spree. The police quickly caught up with him and almost killed him.

However, before they could do this, the Good Illuminati Adolf Hitler Clone Society pulled him back into their universe for a parole hearing, which was subsequently rejected as he killed half their membership. Evil Elvis was subsequently sent back into this universe.

As of 2135, Evil Elvis is still at large, travelling the byways of various worlds in the Universe. He is know to approach travellers on dark highways, disguised as a hooded vendor of healing elixirs. He can be distinguished from Good Elvis by a glowing Swastika on his hip.


There have been numerous suggestions by Elvis is Dead belivers that Evil Elvis was hired by Elvis record company to replace him as they claim Good Elvis was killed in a car crash in 1966.