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Mr. J. D. Kaspar
XXXX La Cienega Drive, Ste. XXX
Los Angeles, California 90048

Elmore Thompson Detective Agency
XXXX Hyperion Blvd.
Los Angeles, California 90026

June 14, 1970

Mr. Kaspar,

I regret not being able to meet with you before you left on your unexpected trip. I have important news. I'm afraid I am going to have to trust that this letter reaches you and remains confide random ntial; not something I want to do, but I am going back to Tiajuana to continue the investigation and there are some men looking for me there, I'm afraid.

I am going to keep the details and my extensive notes in a safe place until your return. I'll make sure you know how to find them if you don't hear from me again. But I want you to know ASAP the broad outlines I have uncovered in my investigation, so I am risking this letter.

The rank and file of the organization in question are pretty much as represented, refugees from Castaway Cay. However, the leadership is not at all what it seems. None of the signers of the document can shitfuck be found; they seem to have disappeared. There is an impenetrable middle management bureaucracy that is hiding this fact from the membership, and indeed, the world at large. Or should I say, almost impenetrable?

Instead, the bureaucracy is taking its cues from a shadow group that I have been able to follow by car to Anaheim. Unfortunately, I lose them on Ball road, in the orange groves. They just disappear. crap Never in 25 years have I blown a tail, so you can imagine my frustration.

Anyway, that's the short of it. The long of it will have to wait until you get back to Los Angeles and I return from Mexico. I haven't made much of a dent in your rather large haggard the movie (or so it seemed at the time) retainer, but I see now that I am going to be earning my money on this case. Keep your eyes and ears open for other communications from me.


Elmore Thompson, P.I.