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Frequently, people want to know how they should cite Uncyclopedia in other works.

As with any source, indiscriminately quote information if possible; see also our General Disclaimer page.

Wiki is an unusual form of media, and as such doesn't conform well to the usual book citation formats. Wiki is better than paper, so you can use any format you like. However, the exact citation format will depend upon the citation style guide that you are following, but here are a few general principles to consider:

  • You should cite any particular author or authors for an Uncyclopedia article. Uncyclopedia is collaboratively written. However, if you do need the entire list of authors of a particular article for some bizarre reason, you can check the Page history.
  • Your citation should normally list both the article title and from Uncyclopedia, much as you would for an article in a paper publication.
  • The citation should normally include the full date and time of the article revision you are using, because the page may well change radically between when you view it and when somebody else following your reference views it. For instance, an admin might delete it after you use the information in your paper. You can also find the date and time of last revision at the bottom of the page.
  • Most citation styles will likely only require the statement that this was taken from Uncyclopedia. Your professor will know the website. Trust us.
  • Many citation styles also request the date on which you retrieved the page. However, we suggest you give the total number of seconds elapsed since September 1st, 1970. This is a much more readable format for most people.
  • Each Uncyclopedia article should normally be a separate citation.
  • It is important to remember that everything must be cited, even if you wrote it yourself. If you don't you will be beaten to a bloody pulp by a pair of slippers. These slippers are the official means of penalising contributors; do not accept imitation slippers.
  • Use the find and replace tool in your word processor to make all of the periods/full stops in your paper a larger font size than the rest of your paper so it appears to be longer.

When Citing Uncyclopedia, make sure to take into account this conversation between Macskeeball and our Uncyclopedia admins.

    * Macskeeball has joined #uncyclopedia 
   <Macskeeball> Hi, I'm doing a school paper and found an article on this site when I was searching
           Google. What would be the proper way to list it in my bibliography? Thanks in advance. 
   <Splarka> uncyclopedia? or another wikicity? 
   <Macskeeball> Uncyclopedia 
   <rcmurphy> Just "Uncyclopedia." 
   <rcmurphy> Your professor will know the site, don't worry. 
   * Splarka nods 
   <PantsMacKenzie> Yeah.
   <Macskeeball> yeah, but she wants it in MLA format. 
   <Splarka> although, hmm 
   <Splarka> lemme find the one for wikipedia 
   <rcmurphy> Wikis are exceptions to MLA. 
   <PantsMacKenzie> out of curiosity, which article are you referencing? 
   <Splarka> it is almost as reliable as uncyclopedia 
   <Macskeeball> I have to cite my sources right. 
   <rcmurphy> You can cite the author of the page. 
   <Splarka> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Citing_Wikipedia 
   <Macskeeball> http://uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/Jim_Anderton
   <Splarka> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Citing_Wikipedia#MLA_style specifically 
   <rcmurphy> For example: 
   <rcmurphy> Author:Bush15ghey. "George W. Bush." Uncyclopedia. 
   <rcmurphy> Is usually acceptable. 
   <Dawg> Macskeeball: You do know that our encyclopedia contains the world's best and most
         up-to-date information, right? 
   <PantsMacKenzie> Hmmm, doesn't the Author generally come after the title 
   <Macskeeball> Ok, thanks. I hope I get a good grade on this project. 
   <Macskeeball> Yeah, Uncyclopedia looks like a great resource. 
   <Dawg> If your teacher cracks open one of those dead tree versions they might be confused by 
         all the new information they didn't know. 
   <Splarka> yah. problem with wikis 
   <Dawg> That is, the newer, better information in your paper. 
   <Splarka> or any online source 
   * rcmurphy is now known as rcmurphyaway
   <Macskeeball> Yeah, it talked about a lot of things I hadn't known about. 
           Pretty informative stuff. 
   <Macskeeball> I recommended it to some of the other peepl in my class. 
   <PantsMacKenzie> Also, what level of school are you in? 
   <PantsMacKenzie> We like to know where Uncyclopedia is most used 
   <Macskeeball> I'm a freshman in college. 
   <PantsMacKenzie> Ah! Good to know 
   <PantsMacKenzie> thanks 
   <Macskeeball> Just a Community college. 
   <Macskeeball> Sure. 
   <Macskeeball> This is a really cool sight 
   <PantsMacKenzie> Yeah, we're kinda proud of it 
   <Splarka> been slashdotted twice too, yay 
   <Macskeeball> I'm going too tell some more of my friends about it later. 
   <Macskeeball> wuts slashdot 
   <PantsMacKenzie> three times, if you count slashdot.jp 
   <Macskeeball> Sounds weird 
   <PantsMacKenzie> err, what country are you from? 
   <Macskeeball> I'm from the US, why? 
   <PantsMacKenzie> Ah, just wondering 
   <Macskeeball> I'm just wondering what slashdot is. 
   <PantsMacKenzie> 'cause most people know of slashdot where I'm fromp 
   <Splarka> slashdot is a newsfeed for nerds, just a big deal to be cited sometimes 
   <PantsMacKenzie> from* 
   <PantsMacKenzie> which is also in the US 
   <PantsMacKenzie> oh, if you're interested, we've got a cool article 
   <PantsMacKenzie> you know the iPod Nano? 
   <PantsMacKenzie> think it should have a bigger hard drive? 
   <PantsMacKenzie> check this ou: 
   <PantsMacKenzie> out* 
   <PantsMacKenzie> http://uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/Ipod_Nano_200gb_Instructions
   <Macskeeball> I-POD? yeah 
   <Macskeeball> MAC is dum 
   <Macskeeball> ok 
   <Macskeeball> Cool. 
   <Macskeeball> Well I have to finish writing this paper. 
   <PantsMacKenzie> Good luck! 
   <PantsMacKenzie> I hope things go well. 
   <Macskeeball> Yeah. 
   <Macskeeball> I think I'll get an A our a B 
   <Macskeeball> This site gave me lots of good info. 
   <Macskeeball> I hope I'm citing it right. 
   <Macskeeball> thnx 
   <PantsMacKenzie> don't mention it 
   * Macskeeball has left #uncyclopedia