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There is no truth in the rumour that IMF stands for International Mammary Feeler!


You are not alone in this, mon ami. We ‘igh-flying financiers need the attention of the fairer sex to allow us to keep the wheels of global commerce turning. I find employing only attractive lady "accountants" between the age of 16 and 24 allows me as much ‘anky-panky as I need during working hours, and between all six of them they ‘ave as many fingers as required to add the number of billions of dollars Greece owes to the bookies.

As for getting lonely out of hours? Bof! Why do you suppose your posh ‘otels employ so many sexy girls, make them wear that saucy uniform and keep sending them to your room every morning asking if you need clean sheets? You think she paints ‘er fingernails like that to scrub your toilet? Mais, non! She wishes to rub them down your spine while you are “giving ‘er the benefit of your expertise”.

Alors! Je dois partir immédiatement. Les gendarmes sont arrivés

Dominique Strauss-Kahn

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