Catastrophic time-space failure

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This piece of Swiss cheese symbolizes the time structure during a catostrophic time failure, the red arrow points to when Alf was cancelled, the blue arrow points to when trees were invented, yellow points to when dinosaurs went extinct, green points to when Oscar Wilde got laid, purple points to the Rapefest of 1841.

It's a question that we all ask ourselves at some point; just what is catastrophic time failure? In a nutshell it's when idiots fuck up the time stream with excessive back and forward time travel resulting in events becoming displaced or just generally fucked.

During the advent of time travel no one contemplated the dire consequences of repeated ripping of the time stream's delicate anus but now it has become a very real fear.

The First Recorded Catastrophic Time Failure[edit]

Catastrophic time failure has only occurred once in the history of the universe; it occurred simultaneously in the 1960's, 1990's, 65 million years ago, and the year 6,000,000,000 A.D. The event killed millions, among them JFK and Oscar Wilde, extinctified the dinosaurs, and made baby Jesus cry.

Who was at Fault?[edit]

The first recorded catastrophic time failure was the fault of Ministry, its band members, Alain Jourgensen, Al Gore, and Robo-Jourgensen went back and forth through the time stream over one million times so as to join every musical project ever invented. They succeeded but at the price of countless lives. Right as Al Gore and Alain Jourgensen began jamming with Beethoven in 2751 A.D. time erupted flinging them into an endless swirling vortex of pain and suffering. While in the vortex Al snapped a photo and brought it back with him when he decided the vortex wasn't really all the interesting in the first place.

What We Can Learn From Their Mistakes[edit]

Ministry made several mistakes during their attempts at joining every musical project ever but in the long run we can all learn from their (gigantic) error, after the catastrophic time failure Time Squad was set up so as to impose the rules that were set forth immediately after the failure, the rules are as follows: (warning: keep in mind that these are the rules to prevent catastrophic time failure, not the rules and regulations of standard time travel, in order to receive your time travel license and utilize it you must know the standard rules, these are guidelines that if ignored can be punishable by instantaneous death)

  • Don't pull Nixon's finger when he asks you to.
  • Tell Jeffery Dahmer you'd love to go back to his place.
  • Beethoven can't hit E sharp in the third octave at 6:33PM, remember that!
  • Don't piss on Mrs. Londa's tree any time during the 1960's.
  • Don't search for "google" on Google.
  • You CANNOT smoke any of Snoop Dogg's weed unless he specifically allows you.
  • My Chemical Romance is supposed to sound that bad, don't change it!
  • And most importantly, no matter what you do, don't jam with ministry, odds are you'll meet them at least 20 times, and if they ask you to jam and you agree time will erupt once again.