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Caption - a new literary genre invented by the frustrated image-contributors with artistic inclinations. First introduced by Bill Clinton during his Cigar Period when he wanted to distribute his portrait among those more enthusiastic of his female ass-istants. Putting a decently short description under such a great person can't have been easy. And Bill knew it. Eventually he shortened it to only 547 pages that later, accompanied with an impromptu cover, became known as My Life.

How To Write Captions[edit]

How many times have you refrained from uploading a picture as you couldn't write a decent caption for it? Finally there is a self-help essey we all need. Here you can learn how to write captions esthetically, tastefully, beautifully, handsomely, good-lookingly and attractively. And in a tasteful way. AND cutely.
1. Try to make the caption at least 3 times bigger than the image. If needed - decrease the image's size.
2. Make an effort to write a caption that is comparable in size to the main article
3. Praise the image you are captioning; use expressions such as:
- in this beautiful picture . . .
the honorable author of this photo . . .
the breath-taking details here include . . .
you, lucky viewers of this image . . .
4. Try to use as many bold characters as possible.
5. An even better method is to make your text into an unexisting link. It will thus turn red. And red is attractive and eye-catching
6. Isn't it?
use some unnecessary blank space. It is also very eye-catching.

File:This Is An Image Trust Me
I am a caption. Here's the second sentence. This is its third sentence. The word "sentence" in the following sentence is the twenty-ninth word; this is the fourth sentence. This is my fifth sentence. Here's the end of the first paragraph. Usually captions only have a sentence, but, as you can see here, this is already the seventh sentence, and the fifty-third (or so) word total. The caption will look like this: Here's the last sentence.

In this beautiful picture you will see how to

make a caption.

The hounorable

author of

this picture is


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