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"What's up, Asshole?" was the trademark greeting of Chicago Prohibition-era gangster George "Bugs" Morgan. Morgan, a wascally wabbit from Albakirkee, Louisiana, is best remembered as the model for another such hare, whose greeting was the sanitized version of Morgan's: "What's up, Doc?"

Morgan began life as an orphan, and was early given the name "Peter Wabbit" by a farmer who adopted him, Mr. McGoo. However, Morgan ran away from the Northside residence when it turned out that the farmer had a sexual fetish for young male boys. Alone on the street and in the cabbage patch at a very young age, Morgan soon hooked up with James Patrick O'Riley, a small-time New Orleans gangster, and Morgan assumed O'Riley's first and middle names. As his crime career progressed, he soon added the alias "Morgan."

Morgan probably would have stayed in Louisiana running numbers and pimping, but when prohibition came along, he was dispatched to Chicago with bootleg moonshine. Later, he scored some barrels of Cuban rum, which he bottled under the label "Captain Morgan's" and transported to Chicago.

When he got to Chicago, rival Almer "Scarface" allpachino and his gang attempted to hijack the rum. Morgan responded by dressing in drag, diverting allpachino's attention, and stealing his guns and cigars. From then on, Morgan and Frappachino were mortal enemies, although Morgan always took the latter's threats with his characteristic good humor. In the meantime, Captain Morgan's Rum was a huge seller in Chicago, much to allpachino's dismay, and because of Morgan's notoriety, allpachino was unable to get rid of him.

After Prohibition, Morgan retired to Los Angeles and became a creative consultant to television cartoonist Chuck Jones, whose work has been described as appealing to "the inner adult in every child." The conflict between Morgan and Frappachino provided material for many of Jones' cartoons which feature a wascally wabbit and his befuddled human nemesis (or is that vice-versa?).

In the 1970s, Morgan became a Jesus freak. He died in 1979, a member of the Independent Christian Covens/Covens of Christ, having been initiated by Coven Grand Wizard Pat Boone. However, up until his death, Morgan always enjoyed a glass of rum.