Black and White Twister!

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Black and White Twister! was originally created to encourage sexuality at an early age so they would be able to breed a race of mindless zombies. Black and White Twister! is made up of large Black and White spots on an ugly mat. Hasbro made it because they got too many complaints from colorblind people who said the colored spots weren't being fair to them. It is played the same as

See? The whole mat is white (except the black parts). How are you supposed to know where to put your hand? Screw Hasbro and their perverted games.

Twister but you only have two colors, black and white. Due to the fact that the plastic mat is white, the white spots have never been seen. This means that the white spots could be anywhere on the mat, so when you have to do "left hand white" or whatever then just put your hand anywhere except on the black spots. Many people have been confused by this, thinking that you can put your hands on the black spots. Please don't be confused like those other people, they probably were trying to find some hidden meaning in it so they could run around finding clues like in The DaVinci Code or Scooby Doo.

How to Win[edit]

Due to the fact that Black and White Twister has only two columns, it is a very hard game to play. In fact, nobody has ever been known to win. The only way for you to even have a chance at winning is if you work for the circus tightrope walking on your hands or if your one of those people who only has one arm and one leg. The only problem with that is that people like that don't play Twister, they think it's too perverted (although those extremely tight pants tight rope walkers wear isn't what I would call normal, either). Because of this, you have a 99.99% chance of losing, and a meager 0.01% chance at kicking ass at Black and White Twister.

Black and White Twister in Outer Space[edit]

On February 18, 1998, NASA launched a secret thing containing a Black and White Twister mat and spinner into outer space. On the spinner was a really really small video camera. NASA has picked up images of giant bananas using this game. The bananas said some very rude things about earth and threatened to come and eat us once they figured out how to fly. NASA says this is untrue, but everybody knows that they're just a bunch of liars.

Safety Concerns[edit]

It has been proven that if you play excessively too much Black and White Twister! it may result in you going completely blind. If this happens to you, then you should immediately drive to the nearest Target and buy a copy of Braille Twister! available in stores now! Hasbro is not responsible for any injuries or pregnancies caused by its products. If anything happens to you while using one of our products then shut the hell up and stop blaming us. What's so hard about that?

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