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I can still see you. I saw you on your phone in that car. you know, the police wont care about susies new hair color when I tell them. Ohh, your in the shit now.

The first basketball hoop was created in 1796 but they didn’t become popular until 100 years later when the game basketball was created. After then, their popularity exploded as people from all around the world came, fascinated by tall men bouncing a ball. Now basketball hoops are as necessary for basketball as the script.


Basketball hoops used to be used in the game basketball but that game has long since died along with Kobe Bryant's credibility. Now, basketball rings are used in a sport. The game was made by former slaves to make white people feel as bad about themselves as possible. The idea of the game is to think of the most complicated way to get a ball in the hoop. One team will get the ball and has 24 seconds to complete the task. Bouncing the ball is optional. While this is happening, the other team will stand around and wait for their turn. This continues for 48 minutes unless the script, which is agreed to by both teams before the game, calls for an extra period to be played. Players must stick to the script, a 1 minute break is called where the player is yelled at by the coach.

No white people are allowed to play, watch or even have a interest in the game.


I can see you over there. I saw you with that bucket of KFC. I saw you eat that chicken, every single. and your wife thinks your on a diet. Shame on you white boy.

Basketball hoops used to be controlled by humans but many years ago, a cle’shi bomb caused them to develop a mind of their own. They hoist themselves on 10 foot poles so they can’t be removed and so they have the best angle to mock the short white people that walk past them. “I bet you wish you could slam dunk don’t you? Just once. No one has to know.”

Basketball hoops feed on any basketballs that enter them. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES must you feed a basketball hoop.

Most basketball hoops can be found in slum town where the black people that inhabit those sad excuses for houses can’t afford to call around athey guy to kill them and take them away. If it so happens that you have a weird obsession with these malevolent sentinels or you have a even weirder obsession with basketball, it is quite easy to find your local slum town. Look at the direction of cars travelling and drive in the other way. Pretty soon you will arrive in a shithole of broken cars, trashed houses and a basketball hoop every 3 feet.

At the moment it seems that the epidemic is contained to North America where people are too fat to get of their arses to do anything about the problem.

The Making Basketball Hoops[edit]

Basketball hoops are relatively simple to make. They used to be made of a giant doughnut but then Shaq went around eating them. This was one of the main contributions to the weight problem he has been struggling with.

After this incident people had the bright idea of making them out baskets (as the name would suggest.) unfortunately they weren’t thinking to hard because even a dumb ass knows that baskets don’t have a hole in the bottom. The inventor of this basket basketball hoop soon became acquainted to the fact as he was locked inside a basket for the rest of his life as punishment for bringing fail to the world

The next bright idea was for them to be made out of steel. Bingo! Someone finally achieved what they set out to do! metal was a ideal choice because of it was strong enough to withstand the enormous weight of Shaq and Chinese slave labour was making the martials cheaper and cheaper.

It is not recommended that you make your own basketball hoops . this action was made illegal after Obama came into office. He was embarrassed that he was the only black guy to suck at basketball and to stop himself looking like a retard, he banned the sports in America so now all people have to do is sit on their asses, eat KFC and watch TV. How will America cope?!?