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  1. Used to describe masterpieces including obligatory singular syllables
  2. For monologues, malicious demagogues manipulate multi-syllabic monologues inciting malignant misunderstandings
  3. The insightful utterances of politicians when asked about how to resolve the economic crisis.

Usage notes[edit]

  • Daunting construction requires verbose eloquence, including comprehensive vocabularies. Deficient attempts frequently accommodate flagrant grammatical mismanagement. Competent monosyllabic construction, however, customarily presents affluent compensation. Unfortunately prerequisite characteristics emerge extraordinarily infrequently: humanity habitually substitutes complex conjugations thereby superseding simplistic sentences.
  • Truthful, trustworthy spokesmen communicate retaining understandable discourse. Numerous notable notations corrupt credible monosyllabic creations. Exemplary monologues incorporate alliteration.