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During the War of 1812, the Royal Navy bombarded the coast line near Fort McHenry prompting a bystander named Francis Key saw the American flag still waving inbetween the smoke from the guns of the fort which inspired him to write the famous poem that would soon become the American National Anthem.

The words to the poem/song are written below.

Let me tell you the story of 1812:

We sunk three British ships in 1812,

We marched into Canada in 1812,

1812 is where we made our name.

We were slaughtered in our thousands in 1812,

A small force of marines burnt down our President’s house in 1812,

Our navy was blown to smithereens in 1812,

Canadian militia beat us up in 1812.

We fought against the oppressed native Americans who fought for liberty and rights in 1812,

We lost our trade routes to Europe in 1812,

We formed a nation where one race rules all in 1812,

While Canada formed a nation of Europeans and native Americans living equally in 1812.

The good old war of 1812.

It’s where America made its name oppressing the helpless in 1812,

It’s where our national anthem was made as the British bombarded mainland New England in 1812,

It’s where the USS President was captured and turned into the flagship of the Royal Navy, HMS President in 1812.

It’s where President Madison became homeless and starved in 1812.

It’ s why when any American when asked which was America’s final hour,

Will always reply, “It’s when we were defeated in the victory of 1812.”