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(Tune of Iron Man)

I am Ice Cream Man,
Runnin' Over kids with my big white van.
They want Waffle Cones,
I Will Give them Broken Bones!
I am Ice Cream Man,
Putting Kids in the Back of my Van.
I Will Murder Them,
But I May Eat Them!

My Van turned to steel
In the great magnetic field
Where I traveled time
For the future of Ice-Cream Kind!!

Nobody wants Ice Cream
I just stare at the Girls
Planning My vengeance
That I will soon unfold

The Cover Without Words

Now the time is here
For Ice Cream Man to spread the fear
Vengeance from the Frezzer
Kills the Kids he once served

Nobody wants Ice Cream
They just turn their Toungs
Nobody eats it
Now I have My revenge

Heavy guns of lead
Fills the kids full of dread
Running as fast as they can
Ice Cream Man lives again!