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Overview/Introduction of the reviewer[edit]

This is where you introduce your reviewer and give a short expose on your subject, telling the reader all the basic things they need to know about it. Introduce your reviewer, using either an existing critic or a made up personality of your own making. Some find including a picture of their reviewer in the article under this section is a nice touch. as for subject matter: for a film, TV show, or book, this is where you say a little bit about the authors, writers, directors and actors and then briefly summarize what the plot is (without giving away a ton of spoilers). For a theater production, you basically do the same thing as above, but you also throw in a little bit about stage production values, how good the show is from a technical perspective.

Cquote1.png So this is a blurb box, pretty nifty, huh? Use these to highlight major points or to add extra stuff not in the text Cquote2.png ~ optional source citation

For restaurants, use this as basically an introduction that touches all points, history, service, food quality, price, but only briefly. You still want something to talk about later on.

For products, just give info about the manufacturer and the features that the product has.

Alternatively, a second UnReview style is the use of multiple personalities/critics. You can break up your UnReview into sections that house the opinions of each reviewer. A good example of this can be found here. This style is not as in-depth as the one reviewer style mentioned above.

"Look Ma! A picture!"

Nitty gritty criticism[edit]

This is where you get down and specific with your criticism/praise.

Sub-headings if you wish[edit]

Get specific about what you like or didn't like (so to speak)


Get to the point. Give your rating out of 5 stars and elaborate why you rated your subject that way. Remember, reviews don't just focus on the plot, they are all-encompassing, they rate experiences. Make sure you approach your UnReview from all angles appropriate. Also, this page is just a suggestion. While you should stick to the basic idea, you are in no way required to make your UnReview look exactly like this page.