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This is the book by Dr. Seuss. For the movie adaptation of this book, see Snakes on a Plane.

Dr Seuss snakes on a plane copy.jpg

I'm going on a plane today
I love to fly, horray! horray!
Over there I see the gate.
Soon we'll board, I cannot wait.

Now I'm sitting in my seat,
Taking off is really neat.
Flying is such fun you know.
Looking at the clouds below.

I hear a rattle being shook.
Is there a baby, should I look?
Another sound, was that a hiss?
Beneath my seat, what did I miss?

A Stewardess just fell down dead!
While reaching in the overhead
I think I may just go insane!
There are snakes aboard this plane.

Deadly snakes are everywhere.
On my sandwich, in your hair.
They will give us quite a scare.
On this plane, high in the air.

People dying left and right.
Some from poison, some from fright.
I really do not like this place.
Don’t want a Mamba on my face.

Samuel Jackson can't be found
He is safe, back on the ground
Kenan Thompson's all we got?
Now we're doomed, so thanks a lot !

I am trapped and can not flee!
There's a Cobra's biting me!
Gonna die in searing pain
Fuckin snakes on this here plane!