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Love Need Not Die
The thought of her brings bitter pain;
Her stone stands mocking in the rain.
and dig until her casket's found; then pull my love out from the ground ~ excerpt from Love Need Not Die, published in Meters of Mediocrity, Vol 12 (1964) by Witless Publishing Co.
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The poem Love Need Not Die is also available in crayon.
The earth beneath it, cold and still,
Holds her body to its will.

I miss her warmth, her love, her touch,
And think on her beauty, curves and such.
I madly shake my fist and grin;
I'll have her love just once again.

I throw the flowers from her grave;
Roll up my sleeves, grab the spade,
And dig until her casket's found;
Then pull my love out from the ground.

Inside she's rougher than I remember;
I do recall she was more limber,
And her body, warm and soft;
Not once did her arms come off.

I hear murmurs in the distance,
And quickly thrusting, seek to finish;
I find release, in carnal bliss;
A voice shouts, "Pervert! Please desist!"

I start to run but find I'm stuck;
And pry and pull, without much luck;
Then halt my struggle, beaten, lost;
I gave my love, but at what cost?