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The cover, self nominated for the Chicago Cover prize 14 times, banned 15 times.

The store is one of the most blockbusting books since the Book of Boobs. This has 3 books.

Book 1:The store[edit]

Meet this man, he is Jamie Storer,

he runs a store to make money come faster

At his store a boy comes asking

if he could get some strawberry ice cream

"Never, Punk!" Jamie yelled out loud

and people thought what is going on now?

Jamie scared the poor little boy

and a Jew said to Jamie "Oy!"

The jew soon said, that Jamie was bad

by making a song, he must pay the lad!

Soon Jamie made a song, that went like this:

"Oh, little boy and little miss!

Can I have a little kiss?

otherwise I will crawl up and die

and before that I will say "Good bye!"

But not to those who will not pay me

And those who do... Well, we'll see"

And with the song he gained millions

and soon the millions turned into billions

so I think his shop should get a makeover

and he should buy RuneScape from Flower Power Gower

Book 2:Own[edit]

At last, Jamie has bought with all his power

the RuneScape game from Flower Power Gower

and now he owns it, he recharges words with power

and thus recreating the game to be even better

and so, he eats some bread with butter.

How does it feel to own a goldmine?

Jamie says that he already has nine.

He also says that if he's in danger

he simply jumps in to Megas XLR

and, yeah, I mean that Coop's friend Jamie

that comes when you watch it with The Teletubbies.

Owning a game is like owning a lupper

because it is launch and supper

and by that, I am trying to methaforically say,

I am not going to say something that rhymes with 'Gay'.

I am simply trying to methaforically explain...

Dang IT! It rhymes once more with GAY.

This rhyme it is called is in very big danger,

for it is under a 7-day construction

and that week of seven days is running out

and it may be a dangerous threat for now.

Anyway, back to this story with a store

and I must say, this rhymes HARD CORE.

Book 3:The loss[edit]

Yes, it's time for that Jamie now

to say to his well-earned mone "CIAO!"

Maybe he can still buy Ciao Bella

and not become that crazy Killer.

I don't even know what Ciao Bella is

but now that Jew does not need a kiss.

Instead he needs to not do a thing,

because it can kill someone as well as the ring.

Nobody wishes to become the king

of noobs and movies like Bob's Big Thing.

Jamie is big, fat and noobish

and may need to give you a kiss.

But his face is oh-so scary

you must kiss him binary


I think Jamie is long gone

so shut up and read the rest of this story

otherwise you will not be HARD COREY!

And now to end this stupid thing

is that guy called Latvia's king

These are the last two rows and with their might

they say something stupid as goodbye and good night