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Sick of Bob from Accounting and his dickish attitude? Now you can get the revenge you may or may not deserve!

Frustrated by long work days that seem to drag by? Tired of staring at the clock, willing it to move faster? Sick of your colleagues mocking your late arrivals, sub-par work ethic, and borderline acceptable hygiene? Well then the Pocket Guide to Annoying Your Co-workers is your ticket to mostly harmless entertainment that will make your nine-to-five grind breeze by! With our handy walk-through on seeking revenge, you'll quickly become the most popular drone in the office![1] By following our easy to understand method for obtaining friends and personal wealth through practical jokes and hilarious pranks, you can simultaneously put down the 'losers' in your workplace and finally gain the attention and affection of your co-workers who were previously 'too cool' to acknowledge your existence!

Early Bird Gets the Worm[edit]

An empty office is the ideal environment to practice some low-level gags, including classics such as the crude-but-effective Whoopie Cushion.

The first lesson on the path to putting co-workers in their place is a timely arrival for work. Not for the job itself or to appear hardworking, but because by showing up before everyone else you can set up your pranks while nobody is in the office to catch you! It is possible that cleaning staff may be in the area at this time, but they are easily swayed. The friendly ones will become your friend after a simple gift of a taco or an oversize mustache upkeep kit, while the surly alcoholic ones can be silenced by veiled references to your good friend Steve at the Immigration Department. Just remember to leave before everyone arrives and walk in with someone you know. This is called 'creating an alibi' and is very important for advanced pranks.

Victimless Pranks[edit]

Company Outing[edit]

Biting Back at the Boss[edit]

So You've Been Fired[edit]

The novel Pocket Guide to Annoying Your Co-workers is also available in paperback.

You are free, go do any fucking thing you want now.


  1. That, or be considered an on-the-edge psychopath what everyone stays away from.