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And poor Little Yellow Wong went away in tears[edit]

WAH! The irony of not having stress relief balls to relieve the stress of losing my stress relief balls! WAHHHHHH!

Because those meanie Game-show Hosts had taken everything he had, and he didn't even have any Stress Relief Balls to make it all better.

Suddenly, he heard an awful noise that sounded like an electric car getting beaten with wet hoses, and it got louder and louder, then a little softer, and then louder again.

"Oh dear!" said Little Yellow Wong. "There are all the Game-show Hosts coming back to try to get me on their shows! What shall I do?"

So he ran quickly and hid behind a gong, and peered around it to see what the matter was.

And there he saw all of the Game-show Hosts fighting, and disputing which one of them was the grandest. And at last they all got so angry that they jumped up and took off all the fine clothes, and began to attack each other with their army of cross-dressers and challenge each other with their obstacle courses.

And they came rolling and tumbling right at the foot of the very gong where Little Yellow Wong was hiding, but he dodged quickly and hid underneath the gong. And the Game-show Hosts all caught hold of each others' microphones, as they wrestled and struggled, so they found themselves in a ring nearby the gong.

Then, when the Game-show Hosts were very wee and very far away, Little Yellow Wong jumped up and called out,

"Oh! Game-show Hosts! Why have you taken off all your nice clothes? Don't you want them any more?"

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