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Little Women II: The Modern Version by Leeza Alcott-Jackson is an update of that timeless classic, by the great-great granddaughter of the original author. It shows that the trials and tribulations of young women are timeless, and transcend all generational changes.

Below is the Reader's Digest abridged version, and only a sampling of that. To read the whole story, you'll have to buy the book!

Part One[edit]

Chapter One, A not so merry Kwanzaa[edit]

"Oh, I do wish mommy's ex-boyfriend was home from Afghanistan", sighed Megeesha, while checking her phone for missed calls. "Yes, it would be so much easier to collect support from him were he here.", said Joletta while watching Jerry Springer on mute. "I miss the prezzies he used to bring us, especially if we climbed on his lap and gave him bunches of kisses." said little Aimee petulantly. "I just miss him cuddling with me when I had a bad dream...or when I didn't." sighed little Bethwana.

"We should stop whining and give thanks for our blessings, though." said Megeesha. "Let's try and make this the best Kwanzaa ever, even though Mommy's AFDC check got delayed again. At least her latest John seems generous."

Chapter Two, Aimee's Valley of Humiliation[edit]

"Marmee, I simply must have some money, all the girls at school treat the others to Micky D's or at least share a toke with them, but I have to go and endlessly receive, never give!" complained Aimee one day. Marmee sighed. "Well, Aimee, I should think your friends would care for you all the same no matter what you gave them, but that trick I turned this morning gave me an extra twenty spot for me to let him call me 'Marmee' so here you go." Aimee squealed in delight, "Marmee, you’re the best!" and ran happily off to the bus.

"Psssst...that mooching bitch Aimee brought weed finally! I'm tellin'!

But it was to be a sad day for Aimee, though she did not know it. She greatly enjoyed third period recess, and passed the pipe along gaily, happy to repay all the generosity her stoner friends had shown her. But one girl, who had made cutting comments about "some girls always wanting a hit but never bringin' any weed" had wounded her in the past, so when that one girl came by, she refused to pass the pipe to her.

Aimee's victory was short lived, though. For when the teacher of fourth period Social Studies noticed the red eyes of the girls, and asked who had brought pot, that girl told on Aimee. Aimee shrank down in her seat, knowing that she was busted, but the teacher went to her anyway. "Aimee...give me the pot." he said gravely. "Thank you...now go to the Principal's office." Mortified, Aimee did, where they made her listen to the Guidance Counselor talk for a half an hour about "Young Women Who Destroy Their Future" and watch a Public Service video called "Cannabis: Gateway to Desolation".

Chapter Three, Megeesha goes to Vanity Fair[edit]

Meanwhile Megeesha was invited to a party with the popular girls, something that she'd not been able to do as her poor ass lived in the projects. But it was to be a real party, in the suburbs, and not just pot and meth, but ecstasy, too. Megeesha wore her most bangin' get up, sadly aware that it was not as up to date as the other girl's. And Megeesha had only her nose pierced, not her eyebrows or tongue.

But the suburban girls took a condescending shine to her, and thinking that it would make them "liberal" to assist this poor black ghetto girl, made her up proper, with a new mini-skirt, dyed hair, and a newly pierced belly button and labia.

But no sooner was Megeesha dancing about frenetically, when she started to feel sick from the combo of meth and ecstasy. The tequila and pot wasn't helping either, and her poor vagina was sore from the piercing. Just at that moment, who should show up but Teddy, the son of the landlord who owned their Section 8 apartment. Megeesha wanted to hide, but instead strode boldly towards him.

"How do you like my new clothes", she asked brazenly. Teddy gravely replied, "I liked you better when it seemed you might have half a chance to escape the ghetto. Carrying Fred’s child yet?"

Ashamed and half afraid that she was carrying Freddie's child, Megeesha retired in confusion.

Chapter Four, Joletta Meets Apollyon[edit]

The novel Little Women II: The Modern Version is also available in paperback.

"Joletta, you must let me come along with you and Teddy!" whined Aimee. "No, Aimee, this concert is for us older girls, a little girl like you couldn't handle it.", said Joletta. "Oh, bullshit, you're just being mean! Teddy will take me if I ask him, you've seen the way he looks at me when he thinks I'm not looking!" replied Aimee. "No!" said Joletta, "For you're too young for that kind of thing, and besides, I want to have a go at him myself!"

"You'll be sorry!" said Aimee, and went upstairs to cry.

Joletta had a wonderful time at the concert, there was a lot of drugs, loud music, and Teddy pleasantly had her from behind in back of the bleachers. When she got home, she'd forgot all about Aimee's threats.

The next morning Joletta was looking for her favorite CD, and noticed that her entire collection was gone. "Where is it, you fucking bitch?" she yelled at Aimee, for there was only one person it could have been.

"That'll teach you to leave me behind", shrilled Aimee. "I've pawned them all, and smoked rock all night on it!"

Marmee hearing the noise, ran upstairs to make peace, but it was only a temporary peace, for Joletta was not a 'forgive and forget' type gal. The next day the girls were going out, and Joletta pushed Aimee in front of the Metro Bus. Though Teddy was able to drag Aimee back just in time, she did get her ankle clipped.

“Oh, Marmee!”, Joletta said later that day, “what will I do about my temper?” Laying her head on Marmee’s lap, she listened comfortably as Marmee gave her the timeless advice that had worked so well for her. “Honey, you must learn to stick with pot, and not be about this meth stuff. And if pot don’t work, well now you have a go at some of my Xanax, but mind you leave me enough to sell.”

Chapter Five, Bethwana's Finds the Palace Profitable[edit]

Bethwana was a prodigy at Nintendo, but had a hopelessly outdated system, and no X-Box, and certainly not any decent tv to hook up to. But while over at Teddy's palatial mansion, she caught his Granddad looking at her significantly. "You see something you like, sir?" Bethwana said pertly. "Why you saucy little wench! I've a mind to tan your behind!" replied the gruff old gentleman, for while he feared to admit it, his eye had been rather upon her.

Bethwana on top of old Mr. Lawrence

"Oh, now, we can play rough, too, if you like! But it will be hard for me to be happy at it, me being so poor, and our family having so little.", Bethwana replied, while looking up at him beguilingly.

Let us lightly skip over the rest of that scene, as girls the world round know what happened next, but needless to say, Bethwana showed great kindness to the old gentleman, for she liked him in her own way, quite apart from his immense wealth.

Upon getting home, she saw Aimee waiting on the fire escape. Aimee spotted her and said, "Bethwana, come quick! He's given you a - !" But Joletta had pulled Aimee back in before she could say what he'd given. Thinking to herself that the honky bastard had darn well better have come through after the circus tricks she performed, she hurried up the stairs.

It was a brand new entertainment system, flat screen TV, X-Box, and Nintendo! "Lawd have mercy child, here I thought you was the quiet one, but you done brought in more in a morning then I've done in a week!" exclaimed Marmee. But there was gladness in her voice, for she was pleased any time one of her girls showed signs of growing up and taking on adult responsibilities.

Chapter Six, Little Faithful's Dark Day[edit]

"Oh, Megeesha, won't you please go to the Hummels and help them make the crack today, I am so tired and feeling quite ill.", said Bethwana. "I can't go, Bethie, you know the fumes don't agree with me!", replied Megeesha. "I can't go", said Joletta, "You know the oldest Hummel boy tried to rape me last time." Aimee quickly piped up, "You know it can't be me, last time I upset the pan and lost a whole batch, I've still bruises from Mrs. Hummel."

With a sigh unheard by the other sisters, Bethwana trudged out of the apartment, and went up the four flights of stairs to the Hummels.

Hours later, Joletta found Bethwana back in her room, but with an odd look on her face. "Joletta...I got to talking with Mrs. Hummel, and she said that the needle I'd used a few weeks ago - when I tried H, but just that once - might not have been fully clean." Jo was aghast. "Bethie, you used some junkies needle?"

"Yes, Joletta, but don't scold. I went down to the free clinic and they gave me the test...Oh, Joletta, I'm positive for HIV!" wailed Bethwana.

Part Two[edit]