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The novel Egg is also available in paperback.

This book is about eggs.

Written By L. M. 217

Co-Written By Dr.Bear

Example Of Eggs In Math[edit]

A Example Of An EGG Equation on a Chalkboard

Production Of Eggs[edit]

Ray Gay invented the technique of shoving his hand up the chickens butt to gather the eggs but kinda crushed them when he took his hand out again. So then five years later Jusuewakalaka Kikiwano created the technique of "flushing" the eggs out of the chicken. But by sticking his hand up its ass, the chicken vomited the egg instead of shitting it out like usual. Then the technique made by Makakuzulu Mahershalalhashbaz decided to kill the chicken altogether realizing that he was allergic to eggs the entire time and that all chickens should be killed. This tradition is still strong in The Duchy Of Beckles.

Diffrent Types Of Eggs[edit]

Many kinds of eggs can be bought. Just ask your local drub dealer or black market saleman. There are many egg types such as:

  • Snake Eggs: If your name is Leon and your fighting zombies to save the presidents daughter you can eat this to get your health back. Or you'll vomit. Dunno witch.
  • Boiled Eggs: Boiled Eggs are perfect for curing Brest Cancer. And Also Good at giving you constipation.
  • Mushy Eggs: Eggs that you steppd on by accident. You can tell you found one when you hear a crunch sound it has yellow liquid around it.
  • White Flat Eggs With A Yellow Moon: They are said to be a brother of the Boiled Egg family. Proceed with caution as the Yellow moon part may carry babies that my grow in your stomach and explode minutes later. Just like that movie Alien.
  • Green Eggs: These eggs are hard and have a unusal pin on the side. Pull it, see what happens. A baby chick will pop out.
  • Eagle Eggs: These eggs give you special powers. That Nacho Libre has eaten before. And Flew Across The Ring In Mexico City Superdome
Artist Example Of A Green Egg

Egging Someone (Something)[edit]

Eggs have been used in warfare ever since 1685 when Jesus fought the Devil and all Jesus had was a bunch of eggs and Jehovah Witnesses. He tossed both at the Devil and Satan then chocked it onto a Jehovah Witness. Jesus Had Chicken and Eggs afterwards with God and his homies. Now in the modern world egging is a rite of passage and if you get egged it means you pissed someone/something off. If you egg someone, make a video of it and send it to me, with a lotta money included. Also, what we would want to know is how to chicken someone. If you have any information on chickening someone please call 1-800-CHI-CKEN. This will help us release our new book "Chiccone".

Final Words[edit]

Therefore, remember eggs are an important stage of the life cycle. So is eating them, laying them, cooking them, breaking them, and tossing them at your dad's window when you're pissed off at him.

The End